More ease for your everyday life in the office

For teams looking for more ease: pressure at work, who does not know that? Upcoming project deadlines, change requests from customers or colleagues and the management comes with innovations? This training brings more peace into the daily routine of your team.

This seminar is ideal:


  • for employees with customer contact, to remain relaxed under pressure
  • for effective collaboration in teams that have to deal with tight deadlines
  • for a relaxed working environment in the office with better results at the same time
  • to promote the long-term health and motivation of your employees



Change your perspective and learn to take the pressure out of your everyday life.


  • What are the factors that lead to pressure situations and what solution strategies do exist?
  • How can you resolve pressure through action?
  • What approaches help you change the inner attitude to pressure?
  • What role does your personality play?
  • What does pressure mean for head, heart and stomach people? And which type are you?
  • Do you build pressure or avoid pressure in interactions?
  • What is your personal behavior pattern and how much influence do you have on a change?
  • What methods are available for pressure reduction, back pressure or compensation?
  • How can you prevent pressure?



 How does it work?

Focus on People

The seminar can be booked as an interactive classroom training.

The training consists of lecture,
and facilitated work in small groups of 4 - 6 participants .

Classroom trainings can be booked for a full-day or for half a day.

For international teams, the training can also be conducted online / via video conferencing.

Languages: English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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