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Communication in the company

How you communicate clearly with your teams, deal with conflicts and present content.

for your team

Teams are under pressure from all sides. Get out of the pressure
into the ease.

for you

Work on your strengths instead of your weaknesses - this benefits you and your company.

Get out of the Box

Expand your horizons now

Ideas, know-how and impulses "out-of-the-box". Be inspired and motivated by the seminars of Adekis GmbH. I attach importance to the fact that in my trainings you do not only hear the contents, but also experience and implement them.

Nowadays the work environment requires to constantly expand our own boundaries and to acquire new skills. Whether these are changes in your company or demanding customers that have special requirements: It is always about continuous development and improvement.

Dr. Hanspeter Häberle knows these challenges from almost 25 years in an international corporate environment. He accompanies many people and teams in their development.

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This is what our training attendees say

» Each training that you did was excellent, and I learned a lot and especially the practical application of the content. «

» I especially like the way we have developed concrete opportunities for dealing with pressure and motivating us in these situations.«


Working under pressure

Leave the stress behind you and have more ease in your everyday life in the office

Deadlines for projects, change requests from customers and colleagues, changes from management. How to deal with it clearly and in a stress-free way, you will learn in this seminar!


The Platinum Rule

How to deal successfully with customers, colleagues, supervisors and employees

How do you achieve what you want? By really understanding others and treating them the way they want to be treated. Learn how to deal successfully with different types of people and still stay yourself!


Goodbye Time Pressure

Relaxed and productive in your everyday life through intelligent time management

Set priorities with personal clarity, do not get bogged down and in the end have everything important done in a relaxed manner. Because modern time management focuses on you!


180° Feedback

Ideal for managers because your employees know you best

Where are your strengths as a leader? And where is your development potential? Learn more about yourself in a guided live feedback. Just ask the ones that deal with you every day!


Develop your Strengths

Concentrate on your strengths - because you and your company will profit greatly

Concentrate on your strengths - not on your weaknesses! Learn in this workshop where your skills are and how you can use them. After all, teams that focus on their strengths get much more ahead.


Team Speed Learning

Learning quickly with fun in a team - use the latest findings of brain research

Learn how you share knowledge and experience in a concentrated session so that your team is at the best possible level of knowledge. And have fun in the team!


Ideal for HR Departments

Imagine an employee who does a good job and passively waits for you to be discovered as a "potential" by you. Frustrated, he ultimately seeks out externally. After my workshops, he sees himself as an actor in his career and shares his goals with the executives / HR.

We tailor the workshops to your team and your company; this maximizes the benefits for your team and business.

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